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Fanmails Edit

The Fanmail is a feature to pass time while you're waiting.

As you reach level 5, you will unlock the "Fanmails". The fans of your models will send them letters and gifts, that will arrive at your reception. Once you delivered one fanmail, the next one will appear approx. after 60 seconds. The amount of fanmails is infinite, they will never stop to come.


Sometimes even Lula will send you a special Mail.

Delivering a Fanmail Edit

On the mail which arrives at you reception is written which model is the recipient and on which the apartment is located where she lives in.

There are 2 different ways, how you can deliver a fanmail to a model.

1. Via the elevator Edit

Once you click the accept button of a fanmail, you can go up the floors one by one with the elvevator button to reach the corresponding floor.

A mail-icon will be displayed on the elevator display and the up/down button is highlighted that will bring you to the right floor. If none of the up/down buttons is highlighed, you're at the right floor.


When you have reached the right floor, the apartment where the fanmail has to be delivered is marked with a green outline:

Marked apartment1

2. Via the model overview pop up Edit

After accepting a mail at the reception, you can open the model overview by clicking the corresponding button in the lower UI-Bar:

UI Bar model overview

Model overview pop up Edit

In the model overview, the mail-icon is displayed on the icon of the corresponding model. With the last button on the right hand side in the row of the corresponding model, you can open her apartment and the mail is delivered directly.

Model overview mail icon

Collections Edit

Every mail you deliver, is saved in your collections and there are currently 5 different collections a mail can belong to. The collections consist of 5 different mails (gifts) each. You can view them in the Fanmail pop up.

To open this pop up, you can click the corresponding button (circled in red) in the lower UI-bar. This button is only clickable if you hover over the button below it with the mouse cursor.

UI Bar fanmail

Fanmail pop up Edit

Collections pop up

List of collections Edit

A collection is completed when you have collected every item in it at least one time. If you have a complete collection, you can trade it for a reward.

If you are missing an item and don't want to wait until you get it through the fanmails, you can buy one for 30 Lula Diamonds.

1. Indecent Letters Edit

Collections - Indecent letters

Reward for one complete collection:

  • 1x Bondage-Booster

2. Playful bears Edit

Collections - Playful bears

Reward for one complete collection:

  • 5x Scratchcards


3. Shiny fashion jewlery Edit

Collections - Shiny fashion jewlery

Reward for one complete collection:

  • 3x Dildo-Booster

4. Decorative dildos  Edit

Collections - Decorative dildos

Reward for one complete collection:

  • 7,500 Credits

5. Fetching flowers  Edit

Collections - Fetching flowers

Reward for one complete collection:

  • 10,000 EXP