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Lula Mail Edit

From time to time you will receive a mail from Lula instead of a fan mail. These mails are pretty rare and will grant certain bonuses.

Receptione Lula Mail

Use or Save Edit

Every time a Lula Mail arrives, you can choose between "Use" and "Save".

  • "Use" means that you will use the mail directly
  • "Save" meand, that you will save this Lula Mail in you Lula Mail Slots for a later use

Saving Slots Edit

In the Fanmail pop up you will find the tab "Lula Mails":

Lula Mail pop up

Here you can view your saved Lula Mails, buy extra slots for saving and get a random Lula Mail in one of you free slots for 50 Lula Diamonds.

List of Lula Mails Edit

Icon Name Effect
Lula Mail - Bonus Credits
Bonus Credits Choose a room. You will get a certain amount of Credits which is based on the level of the chosen room and you own level.
Lula Mail - Bonus EXP-0
Bonus XP for a model Choose an apartment where a model lives. This model will get 100 XP.
Lula Mail - Building Boost
Building/Upgrading Boost Choose a room which is being build at the moment. It will reduce the time the room needs to be finished by 3 hours.
Lula Mail - Interior Uprgade
Instant interior upgrade Choose a room. A randomly picked item if funiture in the chosen room will be instantly upgraded.
Lula Mail - Production boos
Production boost Choose a room which generates a product at the moment. It will reduce the time, the product needs to be finished by 3 hours.