Missions Edit

With completing the tutorial, the player unlocks the missions.

There are currently five different mission strands called "Stories" with a total of 100 missions that can be completed within Lula Online, giving the player a variety of rewards in-game once completed.

They must be completed in the specific order listed.

Tasks Edit

Every mission has 1 - 3 tasks, the player needs to fulfill in order to complete a mission. As soon as all tasks of a mission are fulfilled, the player can collect the reward and the next mission will be unlocked.

Story list Edit

The five Stories are as follows:

Visuals Edit

The mission-button is located in the lower UI-Bar:

UI-Bar (mission)

Once the mission-button was clicked, the story pop up opens:

Story pop up Edit

Story pop up

In this pop up, the player can see his progress in the current story. The continue-button opens the mission pop up, where the tasks, the description and the rewards of the current mission are shown:

Mission pop up Edit

Misssion Pop Up

Na ekranie wyświetlacza postęp Edit

Po lewej Stronie widoku, przycisk z Postępu-bar mozna znaleźć: Pokazy postępu-bar, jak wiele zadań obecnej misji są spełnione w chwili obecnej. Kliknięcie tego przycisku otwiera mały przegląd w zakresie zadań obecnej misji: Misja na przycisk Go misję otwiera pop-up.

Mission progress
Mission progress pop up