Products are items that are generated during production (depending on the job) that can be sold for credits. You may only hold a limited amount of Products before being required to sell off some in order to collect new ones.

Product quality Edit

Every product has a certain quality. The quality determines the price it can be sold. The higher the quality the higher the price in general.

You can see, what quality-level a product has, by looking at the circled number at the side of the product icon:

Product quality 1

Calculation of quality Edit

The quality of a product and therewith the price, is based on certain factors:

  • Level of the used model
  • Corresponding talent of the model (e.g. Photo, Video etc.) which is needed for the product
  • Level of the production room
  • Level of the support room for the corresponding production room

The higher the above mentioned factors are the higher the quality of a product will be.

Selling ProductsEdit

Click on "Storage" (the circled icon), to open the Storage pop up.

UI Bar Storage

Storage pop up Edit

Click on the second tab "Sell Products." You may then sell productions individually or all at once.

Storage sell tab1

Storage UpgradesEdit

Through the right hand side of the Storage screen, you are given options to purchase upgrades for your Gift Shelf, Product Shelf, and Safe which will increase your Storage capacity for Gifts, Products and Boosts respectively by 10 items for each level upgrade purchased. The requirements and additional benefits gained from these upgrades are detailed in the tables that follow.

Level 1 Upgrades:Edit

Image Item Cost Exp Gain Time Taken
Gift shelf level 1
Gift Shelf 1,000 Credits 100 Exp 6 Hours
Product shelf level 1
Product Shelf 2,000 Credits 200 Exp 6 Hours
Safe level 1
Safe 3,000 Credits 300 Exp 6 Hours
Instant Level 2 204 Lula Diamonds 600 Exp Instant

Level 2 Upgrades:Edit

Image Item Cost Exp Gain Time Taken
Gift shelf level 2
Gift Shelf 5,000 Credits 500 Exp 12 Hours
Product shelf level2
Product Shelf 10,000 Credits 1,000 Exp 12 Hours
Safe level 2
Safe 15,000 Credits 1,500 Exp 12 Hours
Instant Level 3 480 Lula Diamonds 3,000 Exp Instant

Level 3 Upgrades:Edit

Image Item Cost Exp Gain Time Taken
Gift shelf level 3
Gift Shelf 14,000 Credits 1,400 Exp 24 Hours
Product shelf level 3
Product Shelf 28,000 Credits 2,800 Exp 24 Hours
Safe level 3
Safe 42,000 Credits 4,200 Exp 24 Hours
Instant Level 4 1056 Lula Diamonds 8,400 Exp Instant

Level 4 Upgrades:Edit

Image Item Cost Exp Gain Time Taken
Gift Shelf 35,000 Credits 3,500 Exp 48 Hours
Product Shelf 70,000 Credits 7,000 Exp 48 Hours
Safe 105,000 Credits 10,500 Exp 48 Hours
Instant Level 5 2,280 Lula Diamonds 21,000 Exp Instant