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Marketplace Edit

With reaching level 10, you'll unlock the Marketplace.

What the Marketplace does, is adjusting the prices of your products/services depending on supply and demand. For products this means, that you'll receive the adjusted amount of Credits at the moment you sell them. So you can keep your products in your storage until you'll get a good benefit.

Regarding services (Chat, Escort) this means that you will get the affected amount of credits as soon as you collect the Credits, no matter when the service was started or finished.

Amount of the effects Edit

The effect of the marketplace can be any amount between -40% and +40% per category of products/services.

Products/Services Edit

All products/services of the following categories are affected:

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Live Chat
  • Web Design
  • Escort

Changing Circle Edit

Every 24 hours, at 15:00 / 03:00 pm (UTC) the supply and demand will change.

Visuals Edit

To see the currently active effects of the marketplace, you can click the corresponding button (circled in red) in the lower UI-bar. This button is only clickable if you hover over the button which is below it with the mouse cursor.

Marketplace button-0

Marketplace pop up Edit

The pop up of the marketplace shows all of the effects which are currently active and when the effects will change.

Marketplace - Pop Up

Heads up information Edit

With purchasing the heads up information, you can see how the next effects will be.

This only counts for the next day. If the next day is reached and the effects have changed, you need to buy the heads up again in order to see the next days effects.

Marketplace heads up